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TEWON35 prototype for Microsoft Surface from 2ndFactory

January 5, 2009
TEWON35 Screenshots - Timeline TEWON35 Screenshots - Attractions TEWON35 Screenshots - Attraction Detail TEWON35 Screenshots - Adding Attractions TEWON35 Screenshots - Resorting Attractions TEWON35 Screenshots - Saving Attractions

TEWON35 is a Travel Agency prototype application for Microsoft Surface from 2ndFactory.

The linked video shows interaction thought on how to take advantage of multi-touch along with physical objects.  Here’s a few highlights from the prototype video:

  • 1:30 – the circular calendar begins the experience
  • 1:50 – the curving timeline is shown
  • 2:30 – attractions are loaded using the wooden figures (I like the organic material touch)
  • 4:00 – building on the familiar scatterview of photos to represent attractions, they use the backside of the photo to display text and videos about the attraction
  • 6:10 – using a smooth casino dealer gesture, the selected attractions are spread out for resorting order
  • 8:00 – the itinerary built is then saved to an encoded card for reuse

This reminds me of the Margie’s Travel Hands On Labs, but a way smoother version.  A nice additional feature would be if the attractions would take up space relative to the time allotted to check out the attraction. I look forward to seeing this in a production form.

Hat tip to Ken Azuma for passing this along.

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