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PhotoSuru, an innovative photo-viewing WPF application

January 7, 2009
PhotoSuru - album view PhotoSuru - photo view PhotoSuru - photo detail view PhotoSuru - tag explorer PhotoSuru - slideshow mid-transition PhotoSuru - photo list blur effect

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PhotoSuru, a WPF-based photo experience – (9:49)

PhotoSuru, is a new sample from the WPF team that provides a unique way to browse photos.  The application takes advantage of some of the richer WPF features such as pixel shaders, adaptive layout, custom themes and offline storage.

The sample is based on the SCE Starter Kit which is available for download and includes the full source.  This is from the same group that built the Reader Beta Kit (used in the P-I Reader by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer) so there is a lot of work done already around syndication and synchronization.

The application includes a wizard that walks you through creating your album feed.  I’m currently figuring out how to create a dynamic feed based on my Flickr photostream.  If I can get that working as I’d like, I’ll post that here.

You can find more about Syndicated Client Experiences including documentation and a showcase on WindowsClient.net.

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