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Surprise! Silverlight 3 sessions announced for MIX09 :o

January 14, 2009

Ok, so maybe you’re not completely surprised.  Some of you will say, "I knew it along."  But doesn’t it feel good to have confirmation?

MIX09 posted an entry entitled Silverlight 3 Sessions at MIX09 today.  Although, at first glance you might have thought "that’s not many sessions for Silverlight", on second glance (and after reading the text) you knew we were talking about Silverlight version 3.

ScottGu has mentioned it before, citing new features like H.264, 3D Support, GPU hardware acceleration, richer data-binding and additional controls.

Check out the session titles and descriptions that were posted:

What’s New in Silverlight 3.  Learn about the new experience-oriented Silverlight 3 features, and see how to build Silverlight 3 applications using Expression Blend and Visual Studio

"What’s New" is the first clue that there will be new features in Silverlight 3.  Good plan.  Also notice the proper word used "Experience-oriented".  These features are not "Experience-orientated".

Next session:

What’s New in Silverlight 3 Media.  Learn about the latest media features available with Silverilght 3

This one is tricky to decipher.  Media features have existed since version 1.  My guess is that they will now be more awesome than before.  Although the misspelling of Silverlight in the description has thrown me off.  I’m not sure about this one.


Deep Dive into Silverlight Graphics.  Hear about the Silverlight 3 rendering pipeline, and learn how to enhance your application experience with the latest additions to the Silverlight graphics APIs.

This one is an open book.  "Deep Dive". Come on.  That along with "latest additions" means we’re getting more graphic features.  Music to my ears.

MIX09 is just around the corner now, just enough time to register, buy a plane ticket and finish preparing for my workshop.

If you are one of the ten people who read this blog and happen to be going to MIX, let me know.  We can meet up, say "Hi" and finally talk about Silverlight 3 awesomeness in public.

Thanks to Leo Reynolds for the Pewter Number 3.

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