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TCSWeekly, a new Client-Focused Show on Channel 9

January 15, 2009

When I first started The Continuum Show, I wondered if there would be enough content to keep a steady flow.  25 episodes into it, the realization has come that there is a ton of content out there (especially with Windows 7 out now), thus a spin-off has been born.

TCSWeekly is a new show on Channel 9 that covers the top news, tutorials and demos in the Microsoft Client world.  "TCS" comes from its long form sibling The Continuum Show and "Weekly" comes from its publishing schedule.  As in once a week, I’ll review the top news and publish a new episode.

Part of my job involves collecting and sharing what people are building with Microsoft Client technologies like Silverlight, WPF and Windows 7.  This content is shared daily via my FriendFeed account, which will then be used as the place to pick content from for the Show.

The format will remain short, sweet and I will become more relaxed (no, I wasn’t reading from cue cards).  Along with being informative to those in the dev/design realm, the goal is also to make something my younger sister (by 10 years) would enjoy and not just because she is “being nice”.

Thanks to the product teams, ISVs and community for making content that’s worth talking about.


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