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IE8 Accelerator for FriendFeed

January 29, 2009
IE8 Accelerator for FriendFeed

I stumbled across the IE Accelerator for Twitter and thought it was pretty nifty.  Since I’ve been using FriendFeed more and more lately  I thought it was worth a shot.  Plus the Bookmarklet can be wonky with the IE8 beta, so why not use what’s built into the browser?

Accelerators in IE8 are contextual menu options that can access web services or send you to another web page.  One of my favorites is the Map with Live Maps example, that can quickly pop up a map based on your selected text.

This bookmarklet is much simpler.  All I’m doing is capturing the selected text and document url and sending you off to FriendFeed’s Share page with pre-filled fields.  I’m also handling page-level clicks which grab the url and the title of the page as the text, as well as link clicks where the link url and text are sent.

The fun part is this takes just a little bit of xml to set up.  The OpenService Accelerators Developer Guide has all the documentation you need to get started.

You can install the FF Accelerator from my fancy new IE8 Accelerators page.

After writing the concise instructions, the page needed a little more so I drew up a quick sketch of the act of a “FriendFeed”.  The goal was to change up my style a bit so I skipped the sketching phase and went straight to the smelly permanent marker producing blocky lines and one extra long fork.

The Act of the FriendFeed

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