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Descry, data and information visualization using Silverlight

February 10, 2009

The MIX Online team has released their latest issue covering the topic of data and information visualization. Along with two articles, the issue includes a lab named Descry consisting of four example infographics created with HTML, JavaScript, Silverlight and a reasonably-sized chunk of LINQ.  In this video, Nishant Kothary and Hans Hugli explain the thought process and the work behind creating Descry.

The Descry project is made up of the following four visualizations:

The Obesity Epidemic The Obesity Epidemic – Colorado wins the Most Fit award. Everyone else…
Their First Words Their First Words – An analysis machine for all of the President of the United States inaugural speeches.
A Site Named Desire A Website Named Desire – now enhanced with a custom power loss scaling technique for integrating elements within a DeepZoom image
Social Timeline Social Timeline – FriendFeed visualization that makes of virtualization to keep performance, especially when you’re looking at someone like Scoble and his 13000+ subscriptions.

The MIX Online team is rocking and from what was hinted in the video, I can’t wait to see issue #4.

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