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Tell a Fairy tale in Silverlight or WPF and win a FREE PASS TO MIX

February 16, 2009

Following along in Giorgio’s footsteps, here’s my free pass to MIX giveaway…

I have had the opportunity to attend and be involved with MIX since the beginning and it has quickly become my favorite conference to attend.  If you live and work in the Microsoft world anywhere from 100% to 10% of the time and have some involvement with the Web, User Experience Design or Creativity this is the place to be.

Now, as hinted by the title of this post, I have the opportunity to help you attend.  I will be giving away 1 Free Pass to MIX09 (includes the conference ticket, meals, party, but not the flight and hotel).

All you have to do is tell the best story possible using either Silverlight or WPF.  The story can portray any message, anecdote or story but it must be done in the format of a fairy tale. The more traditional fairy tale elements that appear the better.  If fairy tales aren’t your thing, then you can choose the alternate theme of Aesop’s Fables.  Stories will most likely be told using graphics, movement and colors, but I’ll leave that part up to you.

The following rules apply:

  • You create the story-telling application using Silverlight or WPF.
  • You find somewhere to host the application to be viewed by the public.
  • The application must be original.
  • Post a comment on this post that points to your entry and some way to contact you.
  • Submission deadline: February 23rd, 23:00 pm PST

On February 24th, I will review the entries and choose the best one. My criteria will be:

  • Originality – How creative was your message
  • Skills displayed – This covers both technical merit as well as graphic and animation design
  • Appropriate – How well did you fit into the fairy tale or Aesop’s fable theme

If you are looking for inspiration on what can be accomplished with Silverlight and WPF, check out the 10k gallery.

Have fun!

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