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Prism v2 now supports WPF and Silverlight

February 17, 2009

Composite Application Guidance, affectionately known as Prism, version 2 has been released.  Prism provides guidance and code that can help you build modular applications that can adapt to constant changing requirements. In this video, Blaine Wastell provides a quick overview and demonstrates a Silverlight and WPF application using shared code.

One of the questions that’s often asked is how to develop Silverlight and WPF applications that share the same code.  Prism v2 provides a tool called ProjectLinker that manages some of the bookkeeping Blaine mentions in the video.  You simply create a class file in one project, link it to the other and the tool will keep them synchronized as you edit.

Prism is also available on CodePlex, where you can download the code and discuss the guidance in the forums.

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