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MIX09 10k Contest Winners

February 20, 2009

The question was simple – "What can you build with Silverlight or WPF in 10k?"

Many attempted to dazzle the judges and the community, but only few could win and only one would be granted a trip to MIX09.

To spoil the video and read who won, check out the official Announcement.
To see all of the entries check out the 10k Gallery.

This contest was a lot of fun to be involved with because of the creativity of the submissions and the excitement of the participants.  For a few people this was their first attempt at using Silverlight including the Community Choice winner!

The race between the judges favorites were close because there were so many good choices.  No entry was voted in the top 5 more than twice.  Turtle# garnered the most point by ranking highest among the judges lists by those who picked them.

The Community Choice winner went above and beyond to campaign for his entry including:

  • emailed everyone he knew, even writing bilingual emails in French to pals in France in Switzerland.
  • printed out leaflets and passed them out to parents at his daughter’s school and their church.
  • wrote a freeware native OS X version and put it on macupdate.com
  • went door to door in his neighborhood passing out leaflets
  • printed out a bunch of leaflets and took a train to Chicago to stand in front of the Sears Tower to hand out to people

Its an impressive story with a great ending, he’s donating his winnings to charity.

People are already asking about when 10k contest part 2 will be, which is a good feeling 🙂

Would you like to see 10k contest remain a MIX event contest only or would you want to see it run for both PDC and MIX?


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