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Just published TCSWeekly episodes 4, 5 and 6

February 21, 2009

What is TCSWeekly?

A weekly video podcast where I feature the top news, tutorials and demos in the Microsoft Client World.  Audio only would be easier but given the nature of Client technologies consisting of the frameworks that stand between you and raw data, the visual aspect helps.

Why were three episodes published all together?

There was a drain.  The drain hadn’t been cleaned out for 3 years and a bunch of hair and soap had accumulated and… Well, no, actually I got behind and wanted to fall under the “better late then never” principle.

Weekly shows can be difficult, but I’ve figured out a better workflow and am enjoying producing each episode more and more.  There are just a ton of feature worthy Client-focused items out there that worth broadcasting to the Netizens.

(Did Netizen ever make it as a term?   Seems concise but maybe its not trendy enough.)

Here are the last three shows posted:

TCSWeekly 006 – Silverlight is fizzing along with Moonlight and Contests
TCSWeekly 005 – a UX Pattern Explorer and more Designer-ready content
TCSWeekly 004 – amazing visuals and one monster MVVM article

Now to work on Episode 7, no need to get behind again 🙂

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