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The official unofficial MIX09 Tweetup

February 23, 2009

We’ve started to see the rumblings like this one popup a few times now:

John’s tweet garnered some excitement and conversation and as a fan of Twitter and MIX, we thought we should help make this happen. 

So here’s our plan.

The MIX09 Attendee Party is Wednesday night the 18th from 6pm – 10pm.  This will be tons of fun, but you’ll be in Vegas, where the party keeps moving.  At 9:09pm, the location of the Tweetup will be tweeted by @MIX09.

It will be up to you to then find the location and be one of the first ones to arrive.  Early birds will enjoy free drinks and 140 character-based conversation.  Late birds buy their own drinks, but can still spout 140 characters at a time.

Appropriate links for this event:

  • MIX09 – the reason most of us will be in Vegas at the time
  • @MIX09 – the location giver
  • Upcoming Event page – rsvp/reminder purposes
  • Facebook Event page – rsvp/reminder purposes for f’bookians
  • @adkinn – myself, who you can send location suggestions to
  • @amyrc – be nice to her, she’ll be the one with the credit card

This will be the first day of the conference and with the keynotes that day there should be plenty to talk about.  And if we get bored we can always complain about Twitter clients or joke about fail whales.

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