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Gone on Holiday

April 2, 2009

oof chair

Thank you for thinking of me and adding me to a thread, messaging me, reading my blog, twittering me or even trying to email me directly.

I have gone on a much needed holiday and will be slow to respond. Its a true holiday at that.  The laptop has been left on the desk.  So as mentioned responses will not be likely until I return on April 13th.

While I’m away I have a few Continuum Show videos primed to publish themselves.  So if you miss me, or want to learn about Microsoft Client technologies, check there.

Although my phone is a SmartTouchEnabled3GPhone, I do not plan to check email or use it for any of my usual Twitterage.  I do plan to do a little creative publishing while I’m gone though, but it will be a new medium.  If you’re really interested, you’ll have to dig a little to find it.

No, this is not a late April Fool’s joke.

Yes, today is my birthday.  After two hours of labor, I was born at 12:08 am on April 2nd.  Came into the world playing a joke on everyone, peed on the doctor, and have been doing it ever since.

Farewell, internet citizens, while I vacation.

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