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A fresh start for AdamKinney.com

September 19, 2009

For the last four years, I’ve been hosting my own blog software or a permutation of some sort. Although this endeavor has been fun and educational, I’ve always used my own or experimental code resulting in a lot of time maintaining the system. I’ve decided to take a break and transfer that energy spent on the content engine and apply it to the actual content.

I now have three hosted main outputs on the web:

  • My Blog – Technical posts mainly focused on Silverlight and Expression. I’m current spending my time creating content for Designers and UI Developers, along with speaking engagements and community news.
  • My Posterous – I’m calling this “Adam Kinney Unfiltered” because I use it to post almost daily instances of graphics, video, audio, music and animation that catches my eye.
  • My Twitter – This is where I update my status, share links and follow along with the rest of the world.

So nooowwww, I should have more time to create and publish all of the content that’s been bouncing around in my head.

Very excited am I.

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