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Expression Blend Twitter List

October 30, 2009

Twitter List mania has arrived just in time for Halloween! Thank goodness.

The new List functionality is actually pretty interesting. It allows you to group Twitter accounts,  so you can quickly glance at the sub groups of all the people you are following. Additionally it provides a shareable URL you can use as recommended reading list.

As an Expression Blend enthusiast, I’ve created an Expression Blend Twitter List of people on Twitter that talk about Blend and could prove useful to those interested in learning more about the tool.  This is a great way to expose some of the hidden diamonds in the rough.  I can’t believe @unnir only has 18 followers, right now. I’m sure that will change…

Who do you think am I missing from the list? I’m looking for people that frequently talk about Blend and have knowledge to share about the tool.

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