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Flash to Silverlight Guide – MovieClip to UserControl

December 17, 2009

The first sections of the new Flash to Silverlight Guide are up!

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize developers and designers with Silverlight concepts by relating them to Flash concepts. Comparisons are drawn between each pair of concepts in effort to map knowledge from one platform to another.

This is the first edition of the guide covering the topics Fundamentals and Tools, MovieClip To UserControl and Flex Components to Silverlight Controls. The next edition will include comparisons of different features from both platforms including Graphics, Animation, Coding and Out Of Browser.

The guide works as a standalone reference, as well as the base of knowledge for upcoming tutorials covering specific topics. There is a ton of content to cover, so we’ll be posting different sections as we get them completed.

During the research process, I’ve built up a large list of ideas that I’m excited to write about. This will be my main focus for the foreseeable future.  I will be hitting the road next year with this content and will be posting event details on this blog.

One event I’ll be attending for certain is MIX10 (still hoping to get a “Flash to Silverlight” session). I’ve seen some of the behind the scenes planning for MIX10, and let me say – this is going to be the best MIX ever.  For real, it will be a heck of a 5th year birthday for the event. I hope you can make it.

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