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Silverlight Christmas Cards for 2009

December 24, 2009

Continuing the tradition from last year here is a list of Silverlight-based Holiday cards I could find. The cards are definitely getting fancier as the technology advances.

Archetype Holiday Card Creator
Shape, Decorate, Bake and Share

Inside Xbox
Happy Holidays from around the world

Happy Holidays Art Generator
my own attempt at some holiday fun

Desktop Snow
Technically a WPF app, but its too cool not to include

Microsoft Partner Network Festive Game
Grab the pudding, dodge the elves and beat the reindeers!

Santa Present Kicker
Help Santa drop-kick presents into his sleigh

Christmas Tree Decorator
drag and drop ornaments on to the tree

RunAtServer Consulting
digging the music

If you feel like making your own cards, check out:

As a present to you from the team, check out the limited time 30% discount on Expression Studio 3 offer.

Happy holidays! Here’s to a rocking 2010!

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