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SilverlightShow Eco Contest – win a trip to MIX10

January 13, 2010

The SilverlightShow EcoContest is a cool opportunity for Silverlight designers and developers to show off their creativity and data visualization skills.

Here’s an excerpt from the site:

We are inviting you to create a web application using Microsoft® Silverlight™ technology that helps raise social awareness of environmental damage, and inspires individual or group actions that reduce the harmful impact on climate change.

To name a few examples, your application may:

  • show an interesting animation illustrating current and potential damage to environment; may display in an original way slogans and appeals to save the environment
  • help estimate the quantity of poisonous emissions (and money) a person saves by doing specific actions, like riding a bike rather than driving a car, adjusting your heating devices to a lower temperature, etc.
  • educate how many years it takes to have a trashed material decompose completely
  • explain what home, gardening, office activities may be undertaken to reduce contamination and carbon emissions

Not only will I be looking at the entries to see what people come up with, I also have the honor of being a judge for the contest. You have until Feb. 15th to enter your submission. So get creative and “wow” us with your work and we’ll award you a trip to MIX10!

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