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A Photosynth of Neil Gaiman’s Library

November 3, 2009 2 comments

A well composed Photosynth can offer an interesting way to explore 3D space. Even better when the content is as interesting as the method of exploration. Above is a distorted view captured from the Neil Gaiman’s Library Photosynth which allows you to explore the personal collection of the author.

Normally I would enjoy just browsing the shelves, but I also enjoyed the timeliness of the discovery. Tonight I was discussing Coraline with my daughter who mentioned “Coraline kind of got lucky in the end. Without the help of the talking cat she would have been in trouble.”

The nosy voyeur and the father are happy, now on to the Silverlight side. I only found about all this from a single tweet by Mr. @neilhimself.

You can follow through the reply links to find that Neil was discussing that the Photosynth was running via Silverlight and that @damonbuxton was not happy about it.

As a “Silverlight guy”, it felt good to see one of my favorite authors choose not to discriminate against the technology for the sake of it being something you have to download, if you don’t already have it.

And now I want to go to the store and pick up The Graveyard Book