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Expression Studio 4 Launch on Jun 7th in NYC!

May 26, 2010 11 comments

Expression Studio 4 will launch at the Internet Week conference in New York City on June 7th!

Bill Buxton will be there as our featured guest speaker and many of your other favorite Blenders will be there, too:

And I’ll be there as well, with a big smile on my face 🙂

We’ll show the products in action and showcase design agencies who have seen their businesses grow with Expression Studio.

Join us for the launch!


And just a reminder Expression Studio includes Expression Blend, SketchFlow, Expression Web, Expression Design and Expression Web.  We’ve talked about a lot of the new features in Blend 4 (but not all of them!) and now its time to show the new features in all of the tools!

4 Expression Studio 3 Starter Kits available for download

August 12, 2009 5 comments

AGI has put together 4 starter kits for you to enjoy.  The Starter Kits cover SketchFlow, Game Programming, SuperPreview and Silverlight Support in Expression Web. Each Kit includes a guide, assets and tutorial videos.

Introduction to Prototyping with SketchFlow in Expression Blend 3
Discover SketchFlow, a new feature set in Expression Blend 3 that helps you define the concept for user experiences in early stages of the design process. From sketches to wireframes to prototypes of simple or high definition, SketchFlow provides you the right tools to communicate your ideas and gather feedback from others.

Venture into Gaming with Behaviors in Expression Blend 3
Learn how to build a traditional “bricks” game using Expression Blend 3 Behaviors. Simply drag and drop Behaviors over objects in your artboard to easily add powerful and sophisticated functions like animation, physics, interactivity, data connection, effects and more. All without coding. The ever growing Behaviors Gallery is always available for you to download new behaviors.

Discovering SuperPreview in Expression Web 3
Learn about SuperPreview, a new visual diagnostics tool in Expression Web 3. In this Starter Kit you will be provided with detailed guidance on how to leverage SuperPreview to diagnose issues across multiple browser, all with full rendering fidelity and detailed control.

Support for Silverlight in Expression Web 3
Learn how to leverage the new and easy to use Silverlight support features in Expression Web 3. Then take your websites and publish them to an FTP location without having to leave Expression Web.